In Jordan you will pass by the Dead Sea, Petra, the Treasury and Wadi Rum, the house of Lawrence of Arabia and many other locations that were once part of the legendary Silk Road.


In Oman you will traverse 150k of dunes in the famous Wahiba Sands on your way to the finish at the Indian Ocean.


In Algeria you will pass beneath the twin spires of Assekrem in the spectacular and remote Hoggar Mountains. 


In Mauritania you will cross the geologic wonder, the “Eye of Africa, a dome structure of rock and sand that is still being studied by geologists after an expedition in 1952. You will follow the route of Theodore Monod and pass the ancient desert ruins of Quadan and Chinguetti. You will climb the dune of Zarga and see ancient oasis sites likeTergit where travelers have found water for hundreds of years.  


Race in the footsteps of historical legends and great expeditions into these vast and beautiful desert lands. You will regret not one moment and you will breathe in the same wonder that they did decades ago.


The beauty of this format is that you can race at your own pace day and night but there will still be the opportunities to spend time in the company of other runners at camps throughout.


TranSahariana promises to be unforgettable in terms of the distance, the adventure and the terrain.